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The quality control solution for pipelines


Piped is the quality control system the pipeline industry has been waiting for.

Easy to use on site, accurate and consistent results all presented in a clear dowloadable format.

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Training and Analysis

Piped offers full pipeline commissioning training courses at our purpose built facility.

In the event of test failures a test data analysis service is offered.

Piped produces certificates and correlates the information entered on site into an easy readable format.

All easily downloadable in pdf format.

On Site

Data is entered on site using a smart phone or tablet and synced to the Piped server.

1. Pipeline Quality Control

2. Training & Helpline

3. Equipment Supply and Hire

Asset Integrity Package

The system allows you to have the confidence that the pipeline has been correctly commissioned in line with current legisaltion and that accurate records of the whole process have been kept.




On Site


Training and Analysis


Pipeline Quality Control Records Without Equal

Mobility By using smartphones and tablets the business of recording critical pipeline records are put into the hands of the guys on site.

All fields have large clear and easy to fill in sections

Calculations for pressure testing are calculated on the device giving the site technician an accurate test result without the need for external confirmation.

If you can send a text you can use piped.


We've got your back If you need training on piped and its capabilities we've got that covered.

If you need further analysis or advice about a failure we have that covered too.

If you need training on pipeline commissioning, including pressure testing, chlorination, sampling etc we've got that covered too.

All training can take place at your place or in our purpose built training facilities in North Wales. Server All the data entered on site is collated and processed on the server accessed by username and password.

You can print it or save it to where you want.

All available 24/7 in near real time with site operations once the app is synced.

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